WHAT HAPPENED HERE? It was time to streamline in order to make more time for creating art. Many items have been permanently retired and some are getting facelifts. The beautiful part about letting go is making room for new beauty.


DO YOU TAKE COMMISSIONS? ALL THE TIME, but it depends on what’s happening in the studio. Balance is the goal around here because life moves fast and furiously.

DO YOU TAKE REQUESTS? Sometimes. See above.

DO YOU DO COMMERCIAL WORK? If it fits within schedules and goals - then YES, PLEASE! Email art (at) kalbarteski.com

DO YOU HAVE POLAR BEAR PAINTINGS FOR SALE? Not yet. The newest collection is currently in the works and will be released at an upcoming POLAR BEAR show (dates to be announcedå).

DO YOU HAVE POLAR BEAR *PRINTS* FOR SALE? You will find a couple in the shop right now!

HOW WILL THINGS BE SHIPPED? CanadaPost ships our items. We do our best to get things in the mail within 5-7 days. If you require a faster service send us a note and we’ll see what we can do.

I CHOSE LOCAL PICKUP - WHERE DO I GO? As soon as your order is ready you will receive an email with pickup instructions. Sometimes, our emails go straight into your junk. Please check.

DO YOU SHIP INTERNATIONALLY? Yup, but it takes a little longer. CanadaPost (our default shipping method) is not speedy.

WHEN IS YOUR NEXT POPUP? Follow along on Facebook and Instagram for updates on sales, shows and POPUPs.

WHY AREN’T YOU RESPONDING TO MY INSTAGRAM MESSAGES? Due to the number of messages received through Facebook and Instagram keeping up is tough. 

WHERE CAN I FIND OUT MORE? www.kalbarteski.com

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